Safety is our priority.

Professional and Highly-Trained Drivers

We require a clean pre-employment drug test and Commercial Driver's License (CDL)

Our drivers are fingerprinted and undergo criminal background checks

Ongoing random drug and alcohol testing of all drivers and attendants

In-depth background checks on drivers and driver assistants

We train our drivers and team above and beyond state and federal requirements

Our drivers receive continuing education and are recertified annually

Fleet and Facilities

Our bus and van fleet is late model, well maintained, and environmentally-friendly

Fleet replacement schedules ensure our fleet is compliant and reliable

We perform daily pre-trip and post-trip safety inspections of each bus

All of our buses are inspected by the New York State Department of Transportation every six months

We have a 99% NYS DOT vehicle inspection pass rate

The New York State Department of Transportation reviews all our vehicle safety inspection logs

In-house bus maintenance and repairs are performed by highly-skilled and certified technicians

State-of-the-art facilities receive 25% of their power from the sun

All of our buses and vehicles comply with New York State and Federal regulatory agencies

We have the newest, cleanest and most professional facilities in Suffolk County

Training and Education

We have full-time, in-house training staff (Certified 19a Examiners, School Bus Driver Instructors – SBDI, and two NYS Master Instructors)

We provide comprehensive mentoring and driver training for accident preventions and special needs children

Our safety team provides complimentary safety training for K-2 students for all of our districts

Our school bus team receives anti-bullying, student sensitivity training and management strategies

School Bus Safety Technology

Our parent app allows parents and caregivers to receive real-time bus arrival notifications on their smart phone

All our buses are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS technology which provides vehicle location, route alerts and live driver analytics

Advanced mapping software allows us to plot the most efficient routes to help save tax dollars

Child-check safety system with motion sensors helps make sure no child is left onboard the bus

Digital video cameras on the inside and outside of the bus for enhanced student management and safety

Homeland Security and Disaster Response

Work to continually integrate Homeland Security advisories to safeguard passengers and employees

We deploy Federal Transit Administration (FTA) approved anti-terror and security measures at all our facilities

We scored a 99% on our Transportation Security Administration (TSA) terrorists attack threat assessment of our transportation system

All of our team members are required to wear a company ID badge at all times

We created an anonymous safety hotline (See Something Say Something) that allows for communication of unsafe conditions on the road and off the road to be reported


New York School Bus Contractor of the Year

Ranked Best Company to Work for in New York by the Society for Human Resource Management

“A” Rating from the Public Transportation Safety Board

Newsday Top Work Place

40-First Place Finishes at the Annual New York School Bus Driver Safety Competition

National Special Needs Bus Driver Competition Winner